About the Artist

IMG_5316Born in 1949, Richard grew up in Ashland, Oregon. He received degrees from Oregon State University, Oregon Health Sciences University and residency at Medical College of Virginia.  After graduation he joined the US Air Force and was a career military officer traveling extensively in Europe.  He has always enjoyed working with wood even as a young child.  At age 10, his first project was construction of a crude jewelry box for his mother’s birthday.  A few years ago he started experimenting with madrone burl.  Madrone is a very unstable wood and is known for changing shape significantly when drying.  Richard takes advantage of this characteristic and creates pieces that are rippled and distorted into unique shapes as they dry.   He is currently living in the little historic town of Jacksonville Oregon.  His work is currently on display at “Dan McGeorge Gallery” in Jacksonville Oregon and “Artist & Gardener Gallery” in Jacksonville Oregon.